What not to wear!

I wanted to just do a few fun posts!
(Pictures may take a while to load.)

I told you that I have always had a love for clothes. Well, when I thought about doing this post, I did a Google search for “Dressing for scoliosis”. I burst out laughing when I clicked on the first link.  Let me just share with you on of the um… looks this website recommended:

“Sumptuous Terry Looper Set with soft brushed lining takes that chill out of winter… Comfortable pants have elastic waist… Made of quality machine washable polyester.”

– Silverts.com

Oh, and the best news is… It’s currently on sale from is original price of $79.98 to $59.99!

Clearly no teen (or adults for that matter) are going to be caught dead in a purple, elastic waisted, polyester Looper set. So, I thought I would share with you a few of my secrets for dressing your curves… back curves that is!

* Disclaimer: This is my personal opinion! I am not a “fashion expert” by any means!:)


1. Silk Shirts. They tend to pull across the “scoliosis hump” and accent your curve.


2. Writing/graphics on the back of shirts. Obviously, the words/graphics wont be straight.


Forever 21

3. Cut-outs and holes. They always pull to one side.


4. Heavy book bags. DUH!


5. Button down shirts. I always had problems with these pulling across my “scoliosis hump” as well.


6. Messenger bags. Loads down on side of your body.


7. High, high heels. Puts a lot of pressure on your back.


8. Extremely tight clothes. Just brings attention to your back.



1. Dark colors on top, bright on bottom. The dark colors on top will hide the imperfections. Put the bright colors on your lower half so that you can still be cute and bright!

black tankskirt

2. A good book bag. They keep the wight on your spine more centered and evenly distributed.


3. Wedge heels. I don’t feel as much pressure on my lower spine.


4. Flats. Comfortable!


J. Crew

5. Tennis shoes. Now there are so many cute ones that you can still be “fashionable” while wearing tennis shoes.


You may have scoliosis, but you can still have style. Don’t lose your personality!




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