Great… it’s scoliosis screening day

For those of you who don’t know, I am a sister of Alpha Chi Omega. One perk of being in a sorority is having weekly meals (paid for by mom and dad!) in the company of your sisters. You may think a bunch of sorority girls would have pointless conversations – don’t get me wrong, we have discussed everything from the immaturity of frat boys to our hatred of lipstick – but we actually have meaningful conversations from time to time. Last week, as I hurriedly ate my lunch before class, I was shocked when the conversation turned to scoliosis. While normally I love to partake in these conversations, I decided just to listen to what my sisters had to say.

It’s funny to me that every girl at the table, though from different states, could remember the dreaded scoliosis screening day in middle school. One girl talked about how at her school all the girls were practically herded into the locker room, told to take off their shirts, and bend over. I couldn’t help by laugh because I can also remember that day like it was yesterday even though it was almost nine years ago.

Ever since then I’ve been thinking – why does scoliosis screening have to be so embarrassing? Is it because you are already an insecure middle schooler who knows nothing about scoliosis other than it’s the deformity that you have to strip down and bend over to see? I guess I just feel like if children were more informed about what scoliosis is and how the screening works prior to the exam day, people wouldn’t have such a negative memory of scoliosis screening day.



2 thoughts on “Great… it’s scoliosis screening day

  1. It’s funny – even at the ripe old age of 56, I remember the humiliating experience that the scoliosis test was all those years ago. (Back then, they called it a “posture test.”) I guess some things never change.
    Hope all is well!
    Love, Barb Martin

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