In response to my last post

I realize that I am being harsh towards “Jane Doe” and I have been told in the past that I do expect too much out of people. I’m not going to defend what I said, because what I wrote was from the heart. I will say this though. I believe having high expectations of people is a good thing; it means you have faith in them and know they can do it. Think about it, I’m sure there are people in the world you expect nothing out of. Then, when they fail, it is no big deal – you probably saw it coming. But, if you expect a lot from someone, you want them to succeed because you know they can.

Hopefully from my last post you took away the point I was trying to make: you can fall victim to adversity, or you can decide to move forward. I am not saying for a moment that Jane did not have pain, I know for a fact she did. What I am saying is that she is still letting her scoliosis hold her back and it does not have to be that way. The choice is yours.



What do you think?

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