Here’s to Summer 2010

Today is my last Friday of summer. Monday, sorority rush camp starts, followed immediately by rush and the start of the school year – my senior year of college. I cannot believe how fast time passes. I can remember moving into my dorm freshmen year like it was yesterday. I can remember the relief I felt to call myself a sophomore, no longer “fresh-meat”. I can remember the excitement I felt as I moved into the first apartment that I truly loved my junior year. And now, here I am, already a senior having spent my first summer away from home in Columbia. As I look out the window of the new condo at our fenced in patio complete with flowers and a cute little shed, I cannot believe how much I have grown and matured over the past three years. Just three short years ago I was completely different. I was scared and unsure of myself. Heck, I wanted to study fashion. Now, I am more confident and happy than ever and although I have no clue where I will end up after this final year or what I will be doing, I am sure that I am going to be doing what I love and making a difference in this world.

Here’s to Summer 2010

Mother's Day 2010

Trip and I in 5 Points

Ran the Peachtree Road Race


Beauty Still Remains,


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