Treat the Cause, NOT just the Curve

Just came across this really neat article on

We are entering a golden age in Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis (AIS) treatment, yet most people and docs don’t see it yet.

The development of new prognostic technologies like the Scoliscore genetic testing and the must anticipated Scoliosis blood test from Dr. Monreau’s group are going to be quantum leaps forward, but only if we scurry to close the ever growing divide btw the rapid pace of prognositic scoliosis technology and treatment methods that are able to take full advantage of the opportunity this technology provides.

Bracing is intended to halt the progression of spinal curvatures (whist it’s effectiveness being questionable to say the least), not prevent them, or reduce them. It is not, and will not take advantage of the prognostic technology currently being developed and will gradually be phased out due in favor of pro-active treatment approaches.

Spinal fusion surgery is never the preferred treatment choice due to the invasive nature of the procedure and poor long-term outcomes and the most recent research on spinal fusions at a young age are showing very poor results (see link).…=2284#post2284

Preventative spinal fusion will not, and should not, become the ally of scoliosis prognostic technology.

So what technologies are currently being developed for AIS that will allow us to close the gap btw prognostic tests that can tell us “a train is bearing down on us” and a treatment that can effectively “de-rail the aforementioned train”?

As I have mentioned in many posts prior to this one……

Genetic pre-disposition + Environmental Factors = Adolscent Idiopathic Scoliosis

Therefore…. the only possible way and treatment technology that could take full advantage of the new AIS prognostic testing abilities would be one that focuses on the reduction/elimination of the Evironmental Factors that co-create the condition.

In the future, Early Stage Scoliosis Intervention will be defined as a partnership btw prognostic testing technologies and “pro-active”, environmental factor reducing treatment approaches while “re-active” treatment approaches like bracing and surgery will languish in the past.

The CLEAR Institute approach to scoliosis treatment is currently the only scoliosis treatment attempting to alter the natural course of the condition and prevent scoliosis through environmental factor reduction. Which is not to say there isn’t value in some other rehab based approaches to scoliosis treatment (Schroth, SEAS, FITS), but the key difference is the pro-active, environmental factor reducing mindset adopted by the CLEAR Institute philosophy.


What do you think?

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