Wonderful Wednesday


1. Cappy is actually sleeping on the floor (not jumping on/ dragging me or licking something) and Millie is peacefully cuddling on the couch. Have they finally called a truths?

2. Found a cool postcard today at an antique shop in Ballston Spa. Sparked by an idea from my MIL, I have decided to collect something from everywhere we are stationed. Obviously, I just decided this so I will need help getting something from Charleston. Hummm… who wants to go to vacationland to get me something???  Today I found a Saratoga Springs postcard from the early 1900’s complete with a one cent postage stamp. I am going to frame it and make a little Navy wall in our apartment.

3. Trip and I have been married for 3 months and have now spent 31 days of that together. Woo hoo!

4. I actually have an idea for Trip’s birthday which for those of you who know him know what a feat this is.

5. We still have about 2.5 weeks until Trip starts this last phase of training and we have to get back to the reality of having a military marriage.

Hope your Wednesday was just a great.



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