Week in Review

I can’t believe it’s already Sunday. You would think that being a stay-at-home-puppy-mom would make time pass slowly, but it’s been the opposite.

This week…

Our new bedroom suit delivered! We are almost out of all of our hand-me-downs and we actually have a headboard now. We are growing up so fast 🙂

I also scored a new craft table after a little dresser demo. Since we live in an apartment, we weren’t sure what we were going to do with our old bedroom dresser. I was standing in the kitchen staring at the big black thing when it hit me – take the front off and it will make a great table… so we did. I must say, it turned out pretty cool. I’ll post a picture once I get it finished (still needs some paint on the unfinished inside).

CAROLINA BASEBALL! Watching our team on TV from NY just isn’t the same. Seeing the glorious South on the TV made me really miss home. Warm weather, Sweet Tea, people who say “hi” even if they don’t know you and the beach – it seriously doesn’t get better than that.

The hubby and I also decided to try our hand at hiking today. We geared up, lathered up in bug spray and hit the trail. About a quarter mile into our nature walk we spotted a few snakes. Bound and determined to be a hiker, I trekked on. We made it to a creek with an actual beaver dam as it started to sprinkle. The hubby and I were debating if we should keep going or turn around when he grabbed my arm and said “let’s go”. Two huge – okay not that big, but big enough – snakes were sitting just a few feet from us. I have never wanted to be off a trail so badly. So needless to say, no more hiking for this family.

The hubby reports on Friday, so our “honeymoon” period is almost over and military life begins again. The only good news is that we are getting closer to finding out where we will be stationed.



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