Corn Run


Ran 1 mile to the gym and 1 mile back from Wal-Mart (story to follow)

30 min on the elliptical

Biked 2.65 miles with the hubby

Walked .25 miles home with said bike (story to follow)

Walked Millie and Boomer 800 million times

I knew today was going to be a “fun” day the second Boomer woke me up promptly at 5:00 am. I really wish I could get back in the swing of waking up early, especially to get my runs in before it gets too hot, but since I’ve stopped working I usually don’t wake up until around 8:00 am. Boomer shot out of his crate and was running around before I could even get my eyes open. Luckily after a potty break, breakfast and another potty break I was able to climb back in bed for another hour of sleep. We only had one accident today, so we are making some progress. He did discover humping Millie (you can imagine how thrilled she is about this) and how to climb over my makeshift gate.

Finally I was able to will myself to go to the gym. Do you ever have those days when you want to workout, but you do want to physically go. I decided I would run to the gym since it is only a mile and it would mean less time actually at the gym. Since I also needed to get a few things from Walmart and decided to include that in my outing. I strapped on my running backpack and headed out.

Scored this baby for $5.00 during a tent sale.

After my workout I walked over to Walmart where I grabbed corn for dinner and a pack of bells. Random much? The corn was for dinner and the bells are to hopefully train the puppy babies to hit the bell when they need to go potty. The hubby was pretty embarrassed when I told him what I had done. It wasn’t until the neighbor said she saw me running home that I realized how ridicules this probably looked. Picture me trying to stuff corn into this little backpack.

When the hubby got home we decided to go on a bike ride. After a few circles around the hood I decided I was ready to cross the street. Three or four years ago I had a major bike accident and I’ve never gotten on a bike again since then. So across the street we go and when we get to the very back of the trailer park (yes, we live across from a trailer park) my pedal broke off. How does that even happen? Guess that’s what we get for buying a pink and purple Huffy bike from Walmart. The only thing it’s missing is a cool name like “heartbreaker” or “rock star”. We tried to fix it a few times with no avail…. thus the walking back home with said bike part of the workout.

We wrapped up the evening by playing with the puppies at the dog park. Tomorrow morning is my second group run with the Saratoga Stryders bright and early.


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