Firecracker 4

Race: Firecracker 4
Location: Saratoga Springs, NY
Date: 7.4.12
Time: 32:47 (watch time)

This year was my first year not in Atlanta for July 4th in a long time. The hubby and I started our morning bright and early on Broadway waiting for the start of the Firecracker 4.

Registration/Packet Pick-up

Registration was $20 and included a dry fit shirt for all pre-registered participants. Late registration was $30. I thought the Packet Pick-up was seriously lacking. And by lacking, I mean there was nothing. I walked in, told the man my bib number, got my packet and left. No vendors, no race day information, no nothing. I miss walking around the overwhelming expos looking at all kinds of cool running supplies I will never need, but always want.


The hubby and I left our apartment 1.5 hours before start time because I thought roads would be blocked and backed up. However, there was almost no traffic and the streets were open until a few minutes before the start time which I found odd. I did not use the bag check, but I did like that the race bib had a tear off tag on the bottom to pin on your bag if you did check it.


The race started on time, 9am. Although it was a small race, there was still a great deal of congestion at the starting line. Once the hubby and I found an opening, we were off to the finish line. The miles were marked with large signs and timers above them (which is really only for the first few runners off the line). The water stations seemed random to me and the volunteers were not prepared with water ready to go. By the time I made it to mile 3, it was very hot. Luckily, some houses on the course used hoses to make “spray stations” which helped me stay cool. I’m pretty sure there was an issue with the timing system because both mine and the hubby’s watches said we ran faster than our official time. My watch has always been just a few seconds off, so unless I suck at pushing “start”, something happened.



After the race, there were vendors set up giving away samples, freebees and massages. The hubby and I even scored a whole bottle of V8 Smoothie.

Overall, I enjoyed this race and it was a great way to start July 4th. It’s one of those races you do for fun with your friends.

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