Peachtree Road Race

I’ve been running this race for years and it is AWESOME!

Race: Peachtree Road Race
Distance: 10k
Location: Atlanta, GA
Date: July 4

Registration/Packet Pick-up

Registration is a lottery system since thousands run this race every year so make sure you know when the registration opens (in March each year). Join the Atlanta Track Club for a better chance at getting a number. When you register, you can enter in a time from a qualified race (or a prior Peachtree Road Race) to get a better starting time. The Expo (where you pick up your bib) is just as awesome as the race! Make sure you go with enough time to wander through the vendors.

On your bib, you will see a letter that corresponds with your starting wave. The closer to “A” the sooner your start time. At the Expo, check when your wave starts.


We always take MARTA in so we don’t have to worry about a car. Make sure you leave extra early because the MARTA stations are full of runners. Know you are going to have to walk about a mile to get to the starting corrals. Also, bring your own toilet paper… you will want/need it! You can take a warm up lap in the Macy’s parking lot on the way to the start line.



The race course is flanked with cheering spectators from start to finish so leave your iPod at home. Other than “Cardiac Hill” (you’ll know it when you get to it) the course is pretty flat. Make sure to look at the sidewalk on Cardiac Hill – it is lined with the wheelchair athletes who conquered the hill earlier in the morning. Vendors also throw out free stuff during the race. Be prepared to get wet because the city opens up the fire hydrants to spay water on the course.



The finish line dumps you into Piedmont Park where you will get your t-shirt and Georgia peaches. Make sure you designate a meeting spot since this is a point to point race. They have huge balloons with letters on them, so it is a little easier than other races.


Make sure you find the huge peachman!

I love this race and highly encourage you to participate!


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