Slow Cookin’ Chicken Tacos

I am already dragging today and it’s only 1:15 pm. I woke up at 3:00 am to potty Boomer in an attempt to stop excited peeing in the crate each morning. As soon as I crawled back in bed, my brain starting making to do lists, grocery lists and thinking up dessert ideas for my FRG meeting on Thursday. I was almost relieved when the hubby’s alarm went off at 4:45 so I had an excuse to get out of bed. Despite being tired, I went for a run at Saratoga Spa State Park this morning. It was cool (hello, it’s July!!!) and my body never felt warmed up. I dragged my lead-legs 5 miles and hugged my car when I made it back. Enough whining, dinner last night was great. The hubby and I tried a new recipe for crock pot chicken tacos and they were awesome!

– – What You Need – –
(this made 5 tacos)

1 lb ground chicken
1 taco seasoning pack
3/4 cup water

– – What You Do – –

Dump everything into the crock pot.
Use a fork to break up the chicken.
Cook on low for 6-8 hours.

The chicken looked weird (for lack of a better word) when I first took the lid off so I used a fork to break it back apart. I enjoyed my tacos with spinach leaves, salsa and cheese. The hubby likes his simple – meat and cheese. I have a feeling this will make many more appearances on the menu.

In puppy news… Boomer is doing great. He is full of energy (like blitzing with a full bowl of water) and curiosity (like his sister’s tail).  We are about 85% potty trained using the “bell method”. I tied a few bells on a ribbon and hung it on the door we use to take the dogs out. First, I taught Boomer to ring the bell by giving him a treat (aka a piece of his puppy food). After he had that, the humans would ring the bell before opening the door so they would connect ringing the bell = I need a potty break. After that, we would make Boomer ring the bell before we would open the door. Yesterday was the first time that he rang the bell during play time. We took him outside and sure enough, he needed to potty! Got to love Pavlov. Millie is still at the human ringing the bell stage… she is scared of the bells. Guess you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.  Boomer wanted to share what he did all day yesterday so you can be jealous of his life.

Bed chewin’

Fetch playin’ (he started pointing!)

Fly chasin’ with his sister

After dinner we took the kids for a walk where we ran into two of their dog friends. The hubby and I were laughing that our dogs have more friends than us. We missed the girl who rides her bike around giving treats to the dogs though.

Off to put dinner on (Crock Pot BBQ Chicken tonight), fill orders for Rustically Simple, potty the dogs, and go grocery shopping at the commissary.

What do you think?

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