Fiesta Eggs and White Elephants

Today I treated myself to a day off from working out. Monday I took a spinning class at the Y and Tuesday I had a rough 5 mile run due to heavy legs. Tomorrow I have a long run scheduled, so my body needed the break. Plus, I knew I had to take Boomer to the vet today which was sure to throw me over the edge. Turns out, after crying/screaming the whole way there, he was too tired to put up a fight at the vet. He even put on a show and cuddled with me in the chair. Too bad the huge claw marks on the chest gave away his turn nature. After his lyme disease vaccination, he snoozed the whole way home and the rest of the afternoon.


Since I felt like I had extra time on my hands, I treated myself to a yummy breakfast of Turkey Fiesta Eggs. It was actually quick to throw together and it left me full until lunch.

After the eggs were starting to cook a little, I added in a crumbled turkey burger patty from the night before, threw in spinach leaves and some salsa. A dash of salt, pepper and Italian seasoning was all it needed. I scrambled the eggs and breakfast was ready.

Tomorrow is my first FRG meeting and the theme is “Christmas in July”. We were tasked with bringing a dessert to share and a white elephant gift. Dessert was easy. I am bringing a fruit and poundcake concoction that I love. Fingers crossed for leftovers. See, this was a strategic plan. The white elephant gift proved to be more difficult. The last “grown up” gift exchange I participated in was for my office. I would say 90% of the gifts were alcohol and the other 10% consisted of a shake weight and angry bird hat. When your boss’s boss’s boss (you follow?) brings a handle of vodka and a lottery ticket, you know you are in for a good time. Obviously I am not bring a handle to my FRG meeting as I do not think that is behavior becoming of an officer’s wife, but I bet I would make some new friends. The other issue was the fact that there was no dollar limit or clarification if the gift should be a gag gift or not.   I decided not to do a gag gift because 1. I don’t want to waste my money on a gift that will get thrown away (every party needs a pooper) and 2. I don’t want to be the one who shows up with a shake weight when everyone else has nice gifts. After visits to both Target and Walmart, I finally came up with a gift I think I’m proud of. I’ll post pictures of what I came up with after I assemble it.


What do you think?

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