DIY: No-slip Headbands


I love having fun accessories so I set out to make my own no-slip headband. Here is how I did it:

– – Supplies – –

Velvet Ribbon*
Fun Ribbon*
Elastic (3/8 inch)
Sewing Machine

* The size of the velvet ribbon will differ depending on the size of fun ribbon you pick.

– – What You Do – –

1. Cut the elastic to 6 1/2 inches long
Cut the fun ribbon to 16 inches long
Cut the velvet ribbon to 15 1/2 inches long

step 1

2. Stack the ribbons so the top of each is facing out and center the velvet ribbon so there is the same amount of excess fun ribbon on both sides.

step 2

3. On one end, fold the extra ribbon under so the fun ribbon becomes the same length as the velvet ribbon.

4. Slide the elastic between the two layers. Make sure it is centered.

steps 3 & 4

5. Back-stitch several times over the end to keep the elastic sturdy.

6. Sew all the way down one side, but leave enough room to flip the extra ribbon under.
(Note: I did not pin anything)

step 6

7. Repeat step 3 and 4 on the other end

8. Sew all the way down the remaining side

step 8

That’s all folks.

end result

one more time

Now go get sweaty!

success at the Firecracker 4

success at spinning

When it comes to workout gear, do you save or splurge?


4 thoughts on “DIY: No-slip Headbands

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  2. Pingback: So Ronery |

    • Thanks! My first one wasn’t my best. The more I make, the better I get. I also use clear thread and it makes them look awesome!

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