Caffeine in a Jar

This gift combines my 2 favorite things: mason jars and caffeine.

Inspiration for this gift came from 37 Recipes How To Make Gifts In A Jar that I found on Pinterest.  I am always pinning ideas, so I am happy I finally used one. Want to make your own? Here is how I made my caffeine jar:

– – What You Need – –

Huge Mason Jar (I found mine at Walmart for about $6)
Coffee Cup (I found mine at Walmart for $4)
Coffee Samples (I got 4 from Target for $0.99 each)

Tea packets (already had)
Starbucks Ice Coffee Packets (already had)
I used teal crunchy paper that I already had for the bottom

Note: Think small. I originally bought stacking coffee cups, but they didn’t fit through the top of the mason jar. Guess who now owns two more coffee cups? This girl.

– – What You Do – –

Stuff some crunchy paper in the bottom of the jar
Start stuffing everything else in the jar. I started with the coffee cup and then starting pushing the other items around it

 You can top with a tag and/or ribbon. Leave the gift bag at home, this gift is pretty enough to shine on its own.

For about $15 I had a gift that people fought over! (It was for a white elephant gift exchange. Military wives get feisty!)

I’ll give the jar a spin for you:

Other Ideas:

New Home – soaps, nails, magic eraser, rolled kitchen towel
New Job – office supplies
College – gift cards, office supplies
Travel – travel size goodies, maps, disposable camera

What goodies would you stuff in a mason jar?


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