Wild thing… you make my heart sing

Okay, so maybe Boomer doesn’t make everything groovy, but he sure is cute… and a wild thing. (He is currently trying to get Millie to play by barking at her and pulling her tail. I can’t imagine why this isn’t working.)

I guess I should start at the beginning. Two months ago  the hubby and I decided that Millie needed a brother or sister of the dog variety. Admittedly, Millie is not the most socialized dog. Every walk we have to growl and bark at least one dog. Since Millie was a rescue and turned into the best dog, we wanted to go down that path again.

After numerous trips to Petsmart, nobody seemed to click with her. We knew we wanted a bigger dog that I could run with and we were very excited when we found Captain, a purebred yellow lab.

The issue? He was a  65 pound 9 month old with zero training or leash skills. We gave it our best shot, but he was just more than we (I) could handle. Even with a Gentle Leader on he could pull me from the front door and down the driveway. He was so big, I could even ride him (sorry PETA) and cringed every time he came running at me with his huge rope. Okay, I never actually rode him, but I did fear for our apartment’s life. With the hubby’s line of work, we knew it just wouldn’t work out. Plus, Millie was terrified of him. Luckily, the organization understood and agreed that he would work best with more experienced lab owners.

So with that, we decided we would put the dog on hold until we got to our next duty station. Which sounded like a great plan, except for the fact that  the hubby and I are the most OCD people you will ever meet. After doing some research and seeing how well Millie and the Brittany next door got along, we started seriously thinking about getting a Brittany. Turns out, New York is not the state to live in if you want a Brittany. South Carolina and Georgia are. Go figure. Finding one to adopt would have been like winning the lottery, so we the hubby started looking for stalking breeders.

Enter Boomer. Boomer’s mom was supposedly unable to have puppies anymore when she gave birth to a litter of one. The best part was that another female in the house had given birth to a litter three weeks before Boomer’s mom so he still had other puppies to play with and learn from. As soon as we pulled up to the breeder’s house we picked him out from the group of running puppies. I wanted them all, but the hubby said no. Not fair! I guess the chunky little boy with floppy ears would have to do. He was perfect.

Millie isn’t sure what to think about this little guy in her house. He keeps trying to play with her humans and he keeps pulling her tail. She did blitz for him two mornings in a row so I think things will work out.

Does he have to stay?


          Having a puppy around sure is exhausting!

Off to feed, walk, supervise and hopefully shower.


What do you think?

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