Lemon Ice, Ice Baby

Bethenny Frankel is one of my favorite people ever. She is snarky, has great style and is the brains behind Skinnygirl Cocktails. And no, I’ve never met her.

When I first saw lemon ice cubes I instantly that about what Bethenny always says about her cocktail line – it was an obvious idea. So, behold: lemon ice cubes.

Seriously, just add a lemon chunks to ice-cube trays before throwing them in the freezer.

Once they are frozen, pop them into a glass, fill with your favorite drink and enjoy. As the ice melts, you will start to taste the lemons. And it looks pretty.

Adding lemon to ice cold water also provides added health benefits:

Digestive aid
Good for the Liver
Helps Stabilize Blood Sugar


What do you like to add lemons to?
What do you like to freeze in ice?


3 thoughts on “Lemon Ice, Ice Baby

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