These are a few of my favorite RUNNING things…

With my half marathon training in full swing, I thought I would share some of my favorite running things. But first, breakfast and my running goal for the next three weeks:

Yummy yogurt + strawberries + blueberries + granola = a bowl of awesome. I also added a cinnamon raisin english muffin (small amount of Smart Balance buttery spread + olive oil) and hot coffee.

If you read the 5k training plan, you remember the importance of telling others your running goals. So here is mine:

goal tracked via Nike+

I will give you a weekly update as to where I stand and how it is going. Want to try to take on the challenge with me?

Without further ado, these are just a few of my favorite running things…

#1 iPod Nano

What I love most about this iPod (other than the small size) is the built-in belt clip. Throw out that annoying arm strap – all you need is the Nano! I like to clip mine on my shorts – left side, facing out (I am a creature of habit) – with the cord running under my shirt to keep it out of my way during a run.

#2 Nike + GPS Watch

I was so overwhelmed by features when I decided to take the plunge and get an expensive running watch. Heart rate monitors, cadence monitors, splits oh my! I love to run just to run – it’s not a science to me. When I started looking into the Nike GPS watch I was so excited. It did everything I needed without all the other features that I would probably never use. I’ve been a fan of  Nike + since it came out so I am thrilled that my watch utilizes the software better.

#3 Amphipod Handheld Bottle

If you buy nothing else, this is a necessity! I’ve never been one of those people who can set out on a long run without water. I’m sure it is just a mental thing at this point, but every mile I gab a sip. There are two things I love about this bottle. First, the shape. Unlike most bottles, this one has a slight curve so it fits the natural curve of your hand. I don’t actually have to hold the bottle so both of my hands feel natural. Second, the strap has a zippered pocket on it which is the perfect size for keys. I lied, there are three reasons I love this bottle. It is so light and due to the curve of the bottle (according to my husband) the water doesn’t slosh around. Is that a fourth reason? I’ve run with a normal water bottle since getting the Amphipod bottle and the difference is night and day. Seriously, I love this bottle!

 #4 Body Glide Anti-Chafe 

This was a result of my last half marathon training. I’m lucky to have my mother’s skinny legs, but was cursed (or blessed depending who you ask) with a large chest. On long runs I noticed my sport bra was rubbing my skin raw. Now, I can just slap on some anti-chafe balm before a run and my skin stays in one piece. Sure does make showers afterwards less painful!

 #5 Injini Socks

Again, these were a result of my half marathon training last year. Ever heard of runner’s feet? Well let me tell you, they aren’t pretty! As crazy as these socks look – they are awesome. The seamless sock is built with moisture wicking fibers that keeps your entire foot dry. I have several pairs of these socks (warning – they are a little expensive by my sock standards) but are a must-have for long runs.

What are your must haves?
What are your running goals?  


5 thoughts on “These are a few of my favorite RUNNING things…

  1. I never knew of the chafing stuff definitely will help out! Thanks for the tip. I also love my nanos clip for all the exercising I do!

    • I like this brand because it’s packaged like a stick of deodorant. Just don’t leave it in a hot car because it melts.

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