Workout Free Weekend

I am counting down the minutes until spinning tonight after our workout free weekend. I’ve quickly learned since the hubby started this last phase of training that you soak up every moment together and hit the gym when he is at work.

Friday the hubby scored major hubby points by taking me to see the New York City Ballet perform at SPAC. They are doing Romeo and Juliet, but the showtimes didn’t work for our schedule so we went to the Mixed Repertory. The first number was very slow, but as the show progressed the dances became more contemporary – more my style. My favorite number was called “Moves. Ballet in Silence”, which was just that – no music, just movements. Very, very cool.

Saturday morning I usually run with the Saratoga Stryders, but due to a race, there were no scheduled runs. I planned on running myself, but when the alarm went off sleep sounded better. We spent the afternoon at the race track gambling on horses. Since it was opening weekend at the track it was packed. Locals have warned us that Saratoga Springs gets very crowed with tourist during track season and so far they have been right. At $3.00 a person to get in and $1 bets at the track, how can you go wrong?

Tailgating Area

Walking the horses to the track

About to make big money

$1 bets = high rollers

Quick odds update

Race Time!

See that horse way out front? That’s who we bet on. Guess who runs out of gas and doesn’t even show…

After the track, everyone took five to shower and we reconvened at Limoncello, an Italian restaurant downtown. The atmosphere was great. The food was a little pricey, but good.

Sunday was a deemed lazy day so we were only taking care of necessary to-do items. Millie spent the afternoon at Salon de Front Porch while Boomer attempted to dig holes in the yard.

Salon de Lauber. We are a full service salon – hair and nails.

We concluded our evening with an Army Wives marathon while the dog-kids played/fought. Boomer wants to make sure Millie really hates him so he chased her tail since he doesn’t have his own.

Teamwork makes the dream work.

He also ruined her only safe place when he figured out how to get up on the couch. 50% jumping and 50% using Millie’s tail as a rope. Millie and mom are not thrilled about this one. Now she has to pray for him to get too big to go under the bed with her. Hope your weekend was as successful as ours. Our “normal” weekends are about to change since rotating shift work is about to begin.


3 thoughts on “Workout Free Weekend

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