Loser Buys Dinner

It was another great weekend. Friday was a lazy night so we could watch the Opening Ceremony, which I personally did not care for. If Matt Lauer wasn’t giving the play-by-play I would have been lost. Bring back the drummers, please.

Saturday morning the pups got us up bright and early. No sleeping in at this house.

Since I had already planned on skipping my morning run, I worked with Boomer on commands. He is pretty good at sit. Well, Boomer selectively sits. He really likes to learn (read: he really likes treats) so I decided to move on to shake. It took him a few days, but we finally have it. The only problem is that shake is now the answer for everything. Want a treat and mom won’t take your hand?

Give Millie your paw, but make sure you put it on her head to get her attention.

After the nut jobs were done entertaining, we cleaned up and headed back to the track for another weekend of horse betting. Last weekend, the hubby and I kept our money together, but this weekend we decided to make things interesting. Each of us started the day with $10.00 and whoever came out ahead lost the least had to buy dinner.

On the last race of the day, I accidentally put my bet in wrong, but ended up winning… big time. And by big time I mean my $4 bet paid out $9.75. Big time for us. I enjoyed my free dinner 🙂

Sunday morning, the hubby and I were glued to the TV watching cycling and swimming. Lunch time rolled around we both were craving Groucho’s. Since we weren’t feelin’ a 13 hour car ride, we decided to try Spring Street Deli downtown. It was a cute little deli and the food was great. New lunch time favorite!

Feeling inspired from the Olympics, we decided to take our bikes out for an evening ride on a new trail.

This trail ended up being just under 2 miles. Better than that horrible .5 mile “trail”, but we were still a little upset. After riding around a few neighbor streets to the race track and back, we were satisfied with our ride. Millie and I are back in front of the TV watching gymnastics (I really miss being able to tumble) while the boys snooze.

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