Rub-a-dub-dub [DIY: Exfoliating Sugar Scrubs]

My interest in the DIY scrub trend is sparked by the fact that my mother and mother-in-law go crazy for hand scrubs. Like I know that Banana Cabana in Charleston, SC has hand scrub in their bathroom. Jars of scrubs are super expensive so I always pass on them. That is, until I found a few “recipes” on Pinterest. Well, Pinterest, my mothers and the fact that my runner’s feet are getting a little out of control. So, this morning I set out to make my own version of exfoliating scrubs.

Method One: Clean Hands Sugar Scrub


Olive Oil
Liquid Soap
Jar (the one pictured is from Walmart)


1. Pour 2 cups sugar into a bowl.
2. Add 1/2 cup soap.

3. Add 1/4 cup olive oil.

4. Mix until you get a paste like consistency.

You want the sugar moist, but do not want excess liquid. You might have to add a pinch of sugar or a splash of soap to get the consistency to your liking.

5. Carefully pour mixture into jar.

I stuck this one by the kitchen skin so I could use it to wash my hands. Not only are my hands soft and clean, but my wallet also loves how cheap this scrub is to make. And the hubby has the extra soap to use on the dishes 🙂

Method Two: Exfoliating Lemon Sugar Scrub 


Olive Oil


1. Pour 3 1/2 cups sugar into bowl.
2. Add in 1 cup olive oil.
3. Zest 2 lemons (I used a cheese grater) and then juice lemons over mixture.
4. Carefully pour mixture into jar.

I stuck mine in the shower to rub down with. I made sure to put extra effort into my feet (sat down for this one) and my elbows during my shower. My skin came out oh so silky smooth. The tub on the other hand came out slick (from the oil) so use with caution.

I would estimate these scrubs to cost less than $5 to make. I’m not exactly sure though since I already had everything on hand.

Here are some other recipes you might enjoy: 
Coconut Lime Sugar Scrub from New Nostalgia
Cherry Salt Scrub from The Swede Records
Sweet and Spicy Sugar Scrub from Our Best Bites

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