I went streaking yesterday.

Okay, so I did have on some clothes and my streaking incident was not on purpose, but it was embarrassing enough for me.

Before the streaking incident, I checked off my long run for this week: 9 miles!

I find that my wall is 7 miles, so I am happy that I am finally starting to put some distance on the “other side of the wall”. Last week I tried running in compression socks, but decided they weren’t really necessary for my current distance runs. I switched back to my Injini toe socks and I was instantly sorry I cheated on them. I maintain, they look ridiculous, but they are the best socks. Ever.

I also decided to run in one of my skirts. I ran my last half marathon in one, but haven’t worn one since.

This Nike one is a little short, so I feel a little exposed when I run in it. Today, I wore this Adidas skirt I got on super sale last summer in Charleston.

I love skirts because you are really running in spandex booty shorts, but have the coverage from the top (skirt) layer. They are much lighter and thinner than running in shorts. I will probably wear one again for my upcoming half marathon in September unless it’s already snowing here.

After my run, I was nice and sweaty so I quickly made a Chocolate and Banana Smoothie (I’m obsessed) and jumped in the shower. I had just grabbed my towel to dry off when I heard Boomer ring his bell. “Oh, you are so waiting for me to get dress.” I thought to myself. The bell kept ringing so I decided to trust Boomer to be a good boy not be an idiot and pee without his leash. At first I was super impressed as he waddled outside, peed and acted like he was going to come back inside. It was at that exact moment he noticed his beloved sprinklers were on across the courtyard and took off. I grabbed his favorite squeaky squirrel and went to town with no avail. So, outside I went in my robe and  towel on my head to chase down my dog. Boomer, who though I was playing, starting blitzing like a madman.  Talk about embarrassing.

Needless to say, Boomer lost his no leash potty break privilege and now has to stay strapped to his dad at all times. Dad definitely does not look ridiculous or anything.

 When Boomer is old enough to run with me, I will not waste money on a real running belt. I will instead just strap a Palmetto tree belt to me and call it a day. I knew the husband was a closet fashion star.

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