I think I’ll run a 1/2 marathon

This weekend was much slower than the previous weekends, but nice all the same. Friday I headed down to a paved trail about 20 minutes from our apartment to get a 12 mile run in. The trail is usually full of people, even on weekdays, but it seemed pretty empty. Just me, myself and my iPod.

6.3 miles into my run I stopped back at my car to fill up my water bottles (on my belt) and choked down an Energy Gel. I was told vanilla was the “best flavor” and I will agree that it is one of the better ones I’ve had, but it was still hard to get down. This formula is successful in refueling and making me want to throw up at the same time. I’m trying to switch over to the gels because the shot blocks are just cumbersome and expensive.

Around mile 7 I hit a huge hill (to cross over the interstate) and I thought I just might die. I survived only to have to run the same hill (opposite side) to get back over the interstate again around mile 9. My pace seriously dropped to around 9:45 for those two hills, but I could care less. I finished out my 12 mile run in 1:45.49 with an average pace of 8:47 so I will gladly take it.

According to my half marathon training plan, I should only be at 9 miles, but I found a $40 half marathon next weekend and just couldn’t turn it down. A cheap race that lines up with a weekend the hubby has off – how could I say no? Plus, there are only 11 people in my age group right now, so I have a chance to do pretty well. However, my goal for this impromptu half marathon is to cross the finish line under 1:57 (my last half time). I told my husband that I will just drop out if I don’t think I am prepared enough. His response: “yeah, that sounds like something you would do.”

To celebrate my successful long run and the hubby finishing a 60 + hour week, we decided to unwind at Limoncello with some friends. We were speaking to the owner of the restaurant and she bought us a free drink when she found out we were newlyweds. Pretty cool. Limoncillo (the drink), was not my most favorite of things. Good thing the bartender told us to sip it because the hubby and I were about to throw it back like a shot. We keep it classy.

Saturday morning was deemed a perfect day to sleep in. After we were up and moving we headed over to our favorite place, Spring Street Deli. The day was wrapped up pool side followed by dinner at The Stadium Cafe downtown.

This morning, Sunday, I woke up early to watch the women’s Olympic Marathon. I wish the Americans would have done better, but when the winner runs a 2:23:07, how can we compete? Feeling inspired, the hubby and I went for a short run followed by lunch at Spring Street Deli (yes, again) with a side of greasy french fries.

The highlight of today has been getting bit by a spider. I’m pretty sure we have a nest (or whatever they have) since I’ve seen a million this week. The bite was the icing on the cake though. All I can think about is that statistic about how many spiders you eat in your sleep. If I’ve seen a billion in our apartment, how many have I eaten?

Which type of supplement do you like to take during your long runs? 

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3 thoughts on “I think I’ll run a 1/2 marathon

  1. uh! I am trying to move onto gels as well and I’m having so much trouble. I HATE them compared to the blocks! if you figure out how to get them down let me know!

  2. My strategy is to squeeze it into my mouth as fast as possible and then chase it with water. I’ve heard people squeeze the gel into water and drink it that way. I’ve got to get better at it so I don’t have to stop to eat it, gag/down some water and keep running during a race.

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