Waiting for something awesome

I’ve been waiting for something awesome to happen so I can write a great blog post. Unfortunately, today has been quite average.

Since the moment I got out of bed, I’ve been sitting in front of my sewing machine hard at work on orders for Rustically Simple. I had 4 favor bag orders last week and one huge order for a wedding to knock out this week.

I also have quite a few orders for my no-slip workout headbands that I am dying to start on. Mostly because I am swimming in burlap fuzzies. When the order came in, it got me thinking about my stash of headbands and how I’ve never (not once) cleaned them. I wash my clothes after each wear, so why had I never thought to clean my headbands?

so fresh and so clean, clean

With clean headbands and sore fingers from pin pricks, I decided to take the furkids to the dog park to (fingers crossed) run out some energy. They had a BLAST.

Turns out, Boomer is quite the digger.

Millie even got in on the action. I’ve never seen her dig a hole and it was probably the most exercise she has had in a week. Lazy bum.

We couldn’t stay long due to the heat, but it was enough to wear them out.

Once we got home, the dogs split a Frosty Paws and I had a smoothie.

banana, almond milk, ice cubes, cocoa and vanilla Greek yogurt.

With two sleeping dogs, I now have at least an hour of peaceful sewing.

Do you wash your headbands often? 

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