What’s in a name?

I think about weird stuff when I run. And when I shower. Probably because the weird thoughts start during my run and then I hammer out the details when I’m showering off the sweat. This week’s topic: names. Aren’t names kind of a weird thing?

We name our babies before we’ve even seen them. Even my husband who is never, ever having a girl already knows what we are naming the said nonexistent girl. Parents try to give their kids the most unusual name so you end up with Apple and Blue Ivy running around the [celebrity] playground.

I guess during the late 80’s, my parents thought they were being clever by giving me a common name (Ashley) and spelling it different (Ashleigh). I even remember throwing a fit when I was little because I only had three names and I thought my brother had four: Alex Zander Nathan Meltzer. Uhh, so not fair.

Pets are the same way. When we found out we were getting our second, and last, dog I poured over the Internet looking for the right name for a dog I had never met. The name had to be perfect (and ironic if possible). My parent’s neighbors have a cat named Puppy. Genius. Whenever we have a conversation about the cat it always goes something like this: “Puppy, the cat, came to the front door again.” I also love when pets have people names. There is also a dog in my parent’s neighborhood (and one of Ace’s best friends) named George. So days before we went to the breeder, I had started a list.

Possible names for our new Brittany puppy:

Brittany. If we ended up with a girl because it was ironic.
Jackson. Too distinguished for any dog we would have and I am saving this for a possible baby name. <— again with the names we pick out before we’ve even met the kid.
Tucker. It made us think of Tucker Max (if you don’t know who this is and you are not a male in college, don’t check it out) and an ex had a dog with the same name. Automatically disqualified.
Boomer. Great name, but could be dumb since a Boomer is a type of submarine and the hubby is a submariner.
Lucky. Name given to the puppy from the breeder. Good name, but too typical. Plus, I had put too much thought into his name for it to be given to him by an outsider.
Bernie. Okay, the hubby never liked this name, but it was my favorite. My middle name (pre-marriage) was Bernice and my friends dubbed my overly active stomach “Bernie”. For example: “Gosh, Bernie is throwing a party in there!”
Oatis. Because who wouldn’t want a dog name Oatis?
Bruno. So the hubby could talk like Borat all the time.

See, way too much thought went into naming this new puppy. We eventually settled on Boomer because we both really liked it and were okay with always having to say, “yes, like the sub.”

Why Boomer is the perfect name:
1. The boy loves water. Playing with his water bowl, sprinklers (he always suddenly needs to go outside when they turn on), puddles, and licking bathtubs dry are among his favorite water activities.

All dry mommy!

2. We can sing, “Girl, you make my speakers go boom, boom” and “Gotta get that boom boom pow” on repeat.
3. It says, these people named their dog Boomer so they can’t be too serious.

And if nothing else, I guess we can learn two things from this post:
1. We will probably use all 9 months to pick out a name for our human baby.
2. Long runs produce the most over-thought out musings about absolutely nothing.

Now I am going to go do something that is actually productive.


4 thoughts on “What’s in a name?

  1. Agreed! I love the name Boomer 🙂

    Today on my morning run all I could hear was words to an Usher song I don’t even know the name to… and only the chorus. Which reminds me why I ALWAYS run with music! Hate when I forget it!

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