Care Packagespiration

The pro of a submariner husband: shorter deployments.
The con of a submariner husband: no communication while he is gone.

Unfortunately, USPS has not created a strategic plan to deliver care packages to a submarine. They really need to get on this.

So, I find myself stalking my friends pictures of their care packages wishing I could send my own. I did get to send my then boyfriend a care package once while he was at Officer Candidate School.

It was so much fun to decorate the box and think of his favorite things: peanut M&Ms, gobstoppers, queso… We couldn’t figure out a way to send Chinese food though. That was my one (and probably only) care package.

Chelsea, however,  is a care package pro. Her boyfriend fiance is currently deployed and boy has he been spoiled! All of her care packages have a theme and she was gracious enough to let me share them with you.

“Drunk on you and high on summertime”

“Birthday Boy”
(done for a friend)

Cake in a jar. You can mail me some too!

“Like a fat kid loves cake”

“We think you’re brave”
(Done by her mom’s class)

Box reads: We think you’re brave and really cool too. When you get home we’d like to meet you.

“Bananas without you”

Box reads: Hang in there baby…we made it 1/2 way.  Goin’ bananas without you.

“Hurry Home”

Box reads: Hurry Home. Your future Mrs. wants some kisses!

When asked what she fills them with:

They usually include things like:
Drink Mixes
Snacks (animal crackers, Pringles, gold fish, beef jerkey, peanut butter & ritz, protein bars, pop tarts)
Brita Water Bottle
5 Hour Energy Drinks
Wet Ones Individuals
Sun Screen
Chicken / Tuna Salad
Medicine patches/ advil
toothpaste/ toothbrush
Hand Sanitizer (they love bath and body works!)

Then I usually try to throw in a few homemade things like:
Cake in a Jar
Picture books


Or fun things:
water guns
silly string
silly putty

If he isn’t one lucky guy then I don’t know what is. Thanks Chelsea for letting me share your awesome care packages! I will continue to drool over them.

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