Shift work isn’t too bad, I guess.

I decided there is one (and only one) good thing about the hubby being on rotating shift work. Once a month we get a 4 day weekend! Once a month may seem a little “no work and all play”, but we hardly see each other the other days. Seriously, our “together” time is getting the dogs to stop fighting long enough to go outside walking the dogs around the neighborhood.  Today is the official start of the first 4 day weekend and we have big plans once the hubby can will himself out of bed (other than not getting sick of each other from spending so much time together).

Today we are headed up to Cooperstown to visit the Baseball Hall of Fame and tomorrow is my second half marathon at Lake George. I got new hot pink Injinji socks so I am pumped and the hubby is excited to carb-load tonight. However, I don’t foresee 1 large handful of raisins in his future like this article from Runner’s World suggests.

We are also tossing around the idea of going back to the track for more horse racing or going down into Albany so we can actually see the city before we leave.

And in Boom Boom news…

Our baby boy went from this:

to this (one month later):

He weighs 19 pounds and is only 3 months old! Maybe Boomer was an appropriate name because at this growth rate, the floor is going to start shaking when he walks.

Off to entice Millie to wake up her daddy with daddy kisses so we can get this day rolling. He likes those kisses better than mine anyway.

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6 thoughts on “Shift work isn’t too bad, I guess.

  1. Baseball Hall of Fame! My dad and I have plans to eventually go see it. We’re big baseball junkies. And I LOVE Lake George. We used to camp there all the time. Sorry to totally geek out on you, haha!

    Have a great 4-day weekend, and good luck with your half marathon!

    • What a small world! We are new to the area and won’t stay long, so we are trying to take advantage of everything before we leave.

      • Definitely! Upstate NY is gorgeous and has a lot to offer. Have you been around the Finger Lakes? They’re beautiful, and there are a ton of wineries in the area.

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