Busy, busy, busy bee

I feel like I’ve been in a whirlwind since last Friday. The hubby had a four-day weekend, so we were go, go, go the entire time and things have not slowed down since.

Friday, we went to Cooperstown to visit the Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum.

Saturday, I ran my second half marathon and couldn’t walk for the rest of the day. We planned on going to the track, but opted for a movie (Hope Springs) instead due to rain.

Sunday we slept in, I stretched and iced, and we rounded out the day with a polo match.

Guess who brought an empty sunglasses case?

Polo is a weird game and I found the most exciting part of the entire match was “half time” when the spectators stomped divots on the field. Seriously, polo match creators have this figured out. Have people pay to watch the match and then trick them into fixing the field because “it’s fun”. I hobbled onto the field to stomp a divot just to say I’ve done it.

Monday we did nothing and it was awesome.  I did take advantage of the downtime to make my favorite black bean and corn salsa.

Tuesday, the hubby started the night shift which has proved to be very interesting. I’ll dedicate an entire post to this topic later. He leaves around 10:30 am and gets back home around midnight so I have the whole day to myself. And by myself, I mean being the mediator between Millie and Boomer. Yesterday, however, I did not have to keep the dogs apart because Millie spent the entire day hiding under the bed. Finally around 6pm I was able to get her out for a walk. She was acting very strange and wouldn’t put her back leg down. Instant mommy panic. Her back leg was bloody so off to the pet hospital we went.

While waiting for Millie to see the vet (who was obviously very busy) I did some casual reading from Modern Dog magazine. Apparently every modern dog needs a calling card so its human can set up a play date.

After two hours, we finally left with a new fashion statement.

My poor baby ripped her dew claw off and now gets to sport a blue cast for the next week. Other than refusing to walk like a normal dog, she is doing great. She is a speedy little three leg dog and has no problem begging for bacon treats.

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5 thoughts on “Busy, busy, busy bee

    • I totally agree about the puppy cast. I wished I looked that cute last summer when I had my cast. 🙂 And yes, belly rubs for hours. She knows how to work it.

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    • Thanks. I wasn’t too sore after my first one, but this one killed me. Not enough to make me stop… I’m doing another one next month. Glutton for punishment too 🙂

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