We should just now be getting married

If the hubby and I were traditional types of people, we would probably just now be getting married. We, on the other hand have been married for six months (today). Like most military couples, we took a quick trip to the altar. We technically had a seven month engagement, but we planned our wedding in about three months.

Yes, we somehow managed to pull off a “real” wedding in three months. Dress, flowers, venue, hair, rings, the whole nine yards. When we were engaged in July 2011 I wanted a fall wedding. Since I didn’t think fall 2011 was realistic, I had my heart set on fall of 2012. Then military life reality struck; we had no idea where the hubby/we would be in fall of 2012. Call it naive or wishful thinking, but I decided we wouldn’t set a date until the hubby received his next set of orders. Months went by without any word from the Navy. Finally, right before Thanksgiving, the orders were in… and not at all what we wanted. The hubby would be leaving in February. So a quick winter wedding before the hubby left was the only solution. Tears were shed.  Of course, I was immediately mad at myself for not planning for a winter wedding from the beginning. Lesson learned and the planning began. I forgot to mention that not only did I get married in three months, the venue was six hours away so I never saw the venue until after it was booked. There were days I was thrilled to marry my man so soon, but there were moments when I thought there was no way we were going to pull the wedding off.

I remember going wedding dress shopping in December for my February wedding and only being able to select a dress from the stock. I ended up finding two dresses I liked that both fit almost perfectly. Well, except for being ten feet too long for my short stature. The one I ended up selecting had a lipstick stain on the hip (who wears lipstick to try on white dresses?) so we got a huge discount + a discount for buying a sample dress so we came in way under budget. One perk of a quick wedding. The dress shop was wonderful and had the entire dress cleaned. No more red hip!

The wedding wouldn’t have been possible without my Mom and Grandmother who spent hours on decorations. My grandmother spent the entire month of January at my parent’s house crafting. The made 150 favor bags, 13 centerpieces, mantel arrangements, dancing shoe tags, etc. You name it, they were working on it.

Worker bees going strong

Three months later, I was walking down the aisle.

we did what we came here to do

After a quick honeymoon to the Biltmore, the hubby left for training one week after our wedding day. The harsh, harsh reality of military lives.

Last married couple picture for a while

Our engagement/wedding was my first taste of the hard reality of military life. I learned that you can’t always get what you want when you are married to a military man. Sometimes your fall or spring wedding becomes a winter wedding. Sometimes the flyers for a tropical honeymoon have to be put away for a later vacation. Sometimes your career has to be put on hold. Sometimes you have to live places you don’t want to live so that you can actually live with your husband. I’ve learned you have to seize the moment because sometimes that is all you get. As spouses, we make a lot of sacrifices and our lives don’t always go as planned. That is the thing people don’t really talk about. Maybe they don’t even think about it. Sure, one family member joins the military, but everyone makes sacrifices. With all of that said, I would never, ever in a million years trade this life for anything else. The pride I feel seeing my husband in uniform outweighs all of the negatives. Okay, seeing him saluted is pretty darn cool too.

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12 thoughts on “We should just now be getting married

  1. Oh the pictures are beautiful! And your outlook on it all is refreshing. Being a military spouse myself, it’s hard to find women that think the way you do. My husband and I have been together for 5 1/2 years, married for 3 years, had 3 kids, 4 duty stations and moved 6 times. And I’d do the craziness all over again just to be with the love of my life.

    I tend to think that when you’re married to a military man you become more thankful for everything you do have and focus less on what you don’t. We didn’t have the chance for a honeymoon, so our promise to one another is our 5 year anniversary will be it! And I did leave my career, but then a new one surfaced with my shop!

    It’s hard, but it sure is worth it!

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    • Thank you! They are actually bubbles as we were leaving. It had rained during the ceremony and we when left the reception all of the bubbles were staying really low. It was really cool because it was like a wall of bubbles.

  3. We were in a similar situation. We wanted a fall wedding (Oct 2011), but my Mother and Grandfather were very ill and I wanted to try and maximize the potential for them to attend so we moved it to May 2011 (Feb 2011 engagement). It was crazy, especially planning it from 10 hours away. It wasn’t what I wanted, where I wanted, how I wanted. But in the end it was worth it. I got to marry my wonderful husband. [My mother made it, to pass away a week later, but my Grandfather did not.].

  4. Short weddings are better, in my opinion. My husband and I had known each other 13 months when we tied the knot. Our wedding was planned in 4 months and we’d only been together, in person, for a total of 3 weeks before deciding to do it. And this was BEFORE he joined the Army! We’ve been married nearly 7 years, have two kids (6 and 3) and couldn’t be happier. Most people get down about hastily procured nuptials, but I think it just works for some couples. (Beautiful photos btw!)

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