I was recently asked about Nike+ and my thoughts on it. I have loved this software ever since I started using it in 2008. Boy has it (and I) come a long way. When I first started using the program, I had to plug an adapter into my Nano and wear a chip on the outside of my shoe. When I got an iPod Touch, Apple preloaded the Nike+ software onto the devices so I could ditch the adapter. I then switched to the new Nano, which also had the app preloaded. Last year, I bought the Nike + watch and it is by far my favorite. One major plus – it is waterproof. It is a little bulky, but not enough to bother me. Plus, my wrists are tiny. My husband has the same watch and also really likes it. He is all about monitoring his pace. Below is a brief overview of how I use the software.

When you first log in, you will see a recap of your most recent run (most recently uploaded).  Those black boxes are my lovely artwork.

You can then view your run in more detail.
Fastest/slowest points:

Don’t be fooled by those negative splits… they are rare.

You can also check out your elevation:

Death at the Camp Chingachgook Challenge

You can also see a breakdown of your week/month/year:

Nike+ is sure to pump you up with loads of compliments. I’m a fast & furious road warrior. Right.

This box – also on the homepage – shows your lifetime mileage and average pace. The blue banner is what “level” I currently am on. While I don’t think levels necessarily motivate me, I do get excited when I reach a new one. Nike+ makes a big stink about reaching a new level.

Nike+ also has a goal setting feature, which I do like.  You can set the goal for just about anything – miles, calories, run faster, run more often, etc. Here is a record that I set (and obviously didn’t meet. oops)

The last feature that I really like is that Nike+ keeps track of your personal records:
Overall, I have been very pleased with the Nike+ software and my GPS watch. Even my husband who isn’t a big runner enjoys looking at all of his statistics. I like the visuals Nike+ offers and I’ve never wanted to know something about my run that I haven’t found. Plus, Nike is constantly updating the software. It has drastically evolved since 2008 when I started running. So there you have it.

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7 thoughts on “Nike+

    • They have two different ones now:
      Nike+ watch with shoe chip is $169
      Nike+ watch without shoe chip is $149
      I would recommend the one with the shoe chip so you can still track your run if you are on a treadmill (and running in place).

  1. I use the Nike+ Running app on my iPhone 4. I carry my phone in an arm band when I run. The app works for both outdoor (GPS) runs and treadmill workouts. I love it!

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