I do get to buy school supplies!

A few weeks ago, my husband and I learned about a program for military spouses called MyCAA. This program gives scholarships for spouses to use for certifications, classes and degrees that will lead to a portable career since we don’t like to stay in one place very long.  I have been talking about going back to school for a while now, but we honestly just can’t afford it until we move and I start working again. My undergrad degree is in business administration – concentration in marketing and human resource management – which was fun in college, but I quickly realized that those careers weren’t as awesome as I hoped, especially without a master’s degree. Are they ever? Marketing = sales and HR = telling people why their paycheck is correct and yes, the state mandated that garnishment. I did enjoy working in HR and was just starting to take on more (and fun – hello traveling for work!) responsibility when we moved. Bummer. When we found out about this program, I was thrilled for the opportunity and my husband was thrilled for his wallet.

You can’t use the money for grad school, so that dream is still on hold. I told my husband I would have my masters before we have kids so he may never let me go back to school 🙂 We still agreed to look into the program since I was starting to go stir crazy. My eyes lit up when I saw that MyCAA covered group exercise instructor certifications. I have talked about doing this for a while, but the sheer cost deferred me. The test alone is over $200. So, after going through the [confusing] process, I am all approved and enrolled at the American College of Sports Medicine! MyCAA covers the cost in full for the books, webinars and the exam. All I have to pay for is my CPR certification, which is probably good to know anyway. I am so excited and nervous to take on this certification. I haven’t studied for an exam in a long time. While I don’t plan on making this a full-time career, it will be an awesome source of extra income. Get paid for working out? Sign me up.

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8 thoughts on “I do get to buy school supplies!

  1. That’s awesome! Very happy for you =) And yeah, marketing is sales in a nicer outfit. I was enrolled in a five-year master’s program at my school for marketing, but I HATED it.

    • It was very confusing and the people at ACSM (where I am taking the classes) were more helpful through the whole process. It is an awesome program for spouses!

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