Pumped up (hot pink) kicks

I didn’t realize it was Labor Day weekend until my Facebook feed exploded with “I’m going to the beach” status updates. At first I thought everyone had really cool lives, but then I realized that normal people get this weekend off. For the record: I am normal, my husband is not. And also for the record: I am going to the pool this weekend because they are extending the closing date until the end of September. Boom. The hubby starts day shift tomorrow and will work for the next 7 days straight. At least we are back to some sort of normalcy. However, we did think it was Sunday all day. Two weeks ago, he was on swing shift which meant working from 11am-12am. For me, this meant figuring out how to squeeze lunch and dinner into one lunch box.


Last week, he was on mids which was from 6pm – 7am, which meant my old bed-mate was back… the Millster!

Basically, our eating and sleeping habits have been all over the place. I’m going to blame this for my complete lack of exercise, but the reality is that I was just feeling lazy. We realized that we were only two weeks away from another 4 day weekend, which would be exciting except for the part where I have to run half marathon #3. Recently, I am enjoying my runs, but it is motivating myself out the door where I am struggling. I ran 8 miles last week, but that is a far cry from 13.1. I have all of my workouts from here until race day on the calendar, so hopefully the fear of sucking will keep me motivated until race day. Fingers crossed that after this race I will get the running spark again. I always feel pumped up about running after a race, but that last half just took it out of me both physically and mentally.

What is the best way to motivate a female runner? New running shoes…that just happen to be HOT PINK! 

After running in the Brooks Adrenaline GTS for years, I caught sight of a little pink number (Pure Cadence) and decided to give it a whirl. What Brooks has to say about them:

Lean construction fuses with a responsive fit in the PureCadence. For Guidance to Support runners, this shoe delivers more support through smart, streamlined features such as a wider Nav Band that’s locked in to the medial strike pod. A reinforced heel counter secures the foot and the internal PDRB helps prevent overpronation. The PureCadence gives runners who need more stability the chance to experience the feel of a natural foot strike with a lightweight, breathable shoe.

Just like our core line, we hold PureProject to the industry’s highest weartest and durability standards. Because of their lightweight construction and fewer materials, runners should generally expect shoes from the PureProject line to last approximately 250-300 miles.

I have 15 days to decide if they are a keeper, so worst case I try a new pair and confirm that the oldies are still goodies. They promise this shoe helps prevent overpronation so they better hold true. The shoe “test” on Brooks’ website pointed me right back to my old favorite, the Adrenaline, so I am already having second thoughts. 

For those of you who are want to see if your foot is normal, Runner’s World has a great article for you to check out.  

I WILL get up early tomorrow morning to test these new kicks out. Stay tuned for a review. Good night and have a great weekend!

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