Do as I say, not as I do

Anyone with half a brain would know:
1. Don’t go for a long run in new tennis shoes.
2. Don’t go for a long run in the late morning when it is a super hot day.

What did I do?
1. Went for a 7.5 mile run in new tennis shoes.
2. Finally had to call it quits after the sun was just too hot.

Do as I say, not as I do.

Today was my first run in the Brooks Pure Cadence. My run started like any other, but ended up being quite entertaining. I stayed close to my car for the first mile in case I needed to switch shoes. My feet and legs were feeling fine so I decided to head down to the park to get some flat miles in. Once I entered the park, I noticed race signs but assumed the race was over since it was around 10am. My legs were starting to feel tired so I stopped at a bench along the trail to stretch and take a quick breather. I saw a throng of people gathered at a pavilion… and heard a “gun” shot to signal the start of the race. Everyone took off right to the path where I was resting. Ahhh! I quickly hit resume on my watch and got out of there! When I got to the first set of volunteers I asked them which way the race was going…

“Oh, it started. Go straight.”
So I obviously turned right to get myself out of the race course.
“No, go straight!”
“I know. I’m not in the race!”

I couldn’t help but laugh for the next mile about what had just happened. I should have followed the volunteers’ directions. I totally could have [maybe] won with that head start.

After avoiding the race, I remembered it was Saturday so I headed to the Farmer’s Market to check it out. Booth after booth overflowed with fresh vegetables, flowers and handmade goods. I wish I had cash with me because there were some crisp apples calling my name.

By this point it was 10:45 and the sun was dreadfully hot so heading back to the car seemed like the responsible thing to do. I reached the parking lot just as I hit 7.5 miles, .5 miles shy of my goal, but I was too hot and my legs were too tired to care. I stopped in the gym on my way home to get a good foam roller session in. My IT Band is flaring up again so foam rolling is crucial to keep the pain at bay.

I am still sitting on the fence whether I like these new shoes or not. They are much lighter than my other shoes, which is a plus. I would compare them to Nike Pegasus, which I actually really like. They just don’t offer the support I require (these are my non-running day shoes). Reviews I read on the Pure Cadence said that runner’s legs felt “trashed” after running in them, but my legs felt tired, not sore or trashed. I feel the run in my butt the most, which is a first.  I think foam rolling right after the run really helped.

I do know that the front of the shoe looks like a camel toe.

Road Id:
Tonight I ordered a RoadID bracelet to wear during my runs since I usually don’t have my phone or ID on me (bad, I know). Until 5/31/14, you can use the coupon code ARR7557 for free shipping (up to $1.49). My bracelet was $19.99, but you can’t put a price on safety. At least that is how I pitched it to my husband.

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2 thoughts on “Do as I say, not as I do

  1. I like the way you new shoes look. Maybe you will have to try a couple of more runs before tossing them into the everyday pile. Also that is cool that you can actually run to a farmers market. Great pics. 🙂

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