Labor Day Hangover

I did not drink a drop over the Labor Day weekend. Mostly because the hubby had to work and I didn’t think it was appropriate to open a bottle of wine for just me.
My light weight self might have even started liking Boomer if I did that. I do like Boomer, but all of his 4 month old energy and his progressive weight gaining are started to make me crazy. Yesterday though, I was sleepy and unmotivated from the moment I woke up (both in the morning and after my afternoon nap). Outside was grey and rainy. Stores were closing up shop for the summer. No more race track or ice cream shops. I pulled out jeans and comfortably wore them all day. It was just down right dreary.

I woke up today to sunshine and a renewed excitement that summer is over and fall is here. I am excited for my first real fall. The leaves are already starting to change and the evening air is crisp. It is all a far cry from the weather I am used to. This fall does bring a lot of great things. My mom comes next week to visit and I am so excited for some girl time. I haven’t seen my family since April, the longest I’ve ever gone without seeing them. This could be the last time for a while too, especially if we PCS to the west coast. Also on the agenda for fall is taking a day trip/staycation to NYC, starting my Group Exercise Instructor certification courses, running my third half marathon, having a four day weekend with my husband, Boomer starting puppy school, finding out where we are moving and the hubby finally completing training which started May of 2011. By the end of the year, we should be out of New York and on to the next phase of our married life.


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6 thoughts on “Labor Day Hangover

  1. “Will Run For Wine” is basically my life motto. And as a seasoned New York Stater, definitely enjoy fall. It doesn’t last long before winter sets in. Take serious advantage of apple season because the apples here are a big deal.

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