Rave Run

Day Five of Fitness Cheerleader’s daily writing challenge is to share pictures from your favorite place to workout. When I heard this topic, I instantly thought of Runner’s World feature “Rave Run” each month. Each magazine shows a two page spread picture of a gorgeous running path. I can’t imagine running in snow like this, but I think I could handle this view:

I happen to have several places I am attached to for different reasons. Mostly it comes down to scenery.

Riverfront Park Columbia, South Carolina

This is where I trained for my first half marathon. I spent ungodly amount of time running this trail. I love the old bridges and running by the water never gets old. And would any Columbia park be complete without…

The Battery Charleston, South Carolina

Ocean to your left and historic mansions on your right, what more could you ask for? I would give the Navy a billion dollars to let us stay in Charleston forever.

Ravenel Bridge Charleston, South Carolina

This bridge kicked my butt every time I ran it, but the view from the top was to die for. Before we moved, I finally beat the bridge and ran the entire thing (a little over six miles, but two major inclines) and back to my car.

Downtown Charleston

Broadway and Saratoga Spa State Park Saratoga Springs, NY

I usually start at the top of Broadway and run to the park. I love to run past all of the shops that line the downtown street so I can window shop on my run.

Once I enter the park, I run pine lined paved trails. Sometimes, I head to the beaten path (aka: trails) and run through the woods. I have a feeling this park is going to be absolutely beautiful once the leaves change.

So far, I have found wonderful places to run everywhere we have moved. I hope this trend continues at our next station. I hear running on the beach in San Diego is wonderful. Please, please, please Navy!!!

What makes a place “rave run” worthy for you?

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6 thoughts on “Rave Run

  1. I would be careful about offering a Billion to the US Navy right now, they might actually take you up on it. San Diego running is amazing, especially around the Navy base. It is about the only thing I like about San Diego, the rest…eh, it’s California, so enough said.

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