Clothing Test Drive

Do you take your clothes for a “test drive” before a race? I used to not worry about it and just wore what would look cute. That all changed July 4, 2010 when I wore cute obnoxious red, white and blue socks for the Peachtree Road Race. By the time I crossed the finish line, my feet were nasty, raw and blistered. A few days later, I started to sport a hot pink cast because I finally gave into the pain in my ankle, which ended up being a stress fracture.

Blistered feet + cast for the month of July in the deep South = stinky and nasty-er foot once the cast came off. Oh, and my new boyfriend came with me for the cast removal and was two feet away when the stinky foot gas was released. Embarrassing is an understatement. He must have smelt roses though because now he is my husband… and I still show him my nasty runner’s feet. He is no longer alarmed when he gets a picture message of a huge blister. Wife of the year? I think yes.

Anyways, back to test driving clothes. I have different sports bras for different activities. Some sports bras are really thin and I just sleep in them. Others offer mild support so those are for my cross-training days. Others are good for runs, but only short(ish) ones for various reasons and others are for full-on long distance running. Am I the only one who does this? I do this with socks too. Weird?

I have a hot pink sports bra from Target that has always been one of my run day favorites due to its coverage. Plus, if I get too hot (since I tend to procrastinate in the mornings/snooze too many times) I don’t mind running without a shirt on since it looks like a tank top (minus the part that covers your belly). Since Saturday was a long run day, I decided to wear this bra since I planned on wearing it during my race. Everything seemed fine until I got in the shower and my shoulder started to burn. Check this bad boy out:

Of course, it is right where clothing rubs it all day long. I will probably just end up wearing the same outfit that I wore for last month’s half since I had no problems. That is, unless my mom and I can figure out how to make a knock-off of this Team Sparkle skirt:

Apparently, it cost less than $5.00 to make, so why pay $25 when you can DIY? This site does have tons of awesome things though.

Do you test drive your clothes before a race? 


9 thoughts on “Clothing Test Drive

  1. Yes, absolutely! I had to learn the hard way. Even though I knew better, I wore a brand new, super cute pink running skirt in my first marathon. Problem: it was an unseasonably warm, humid day and the built in shorts kept riding up. Because of the heat and sweating, I had TERRIBLE chafing on my inner thighs. Definitely try out anything you plan to wear in a marathon before the day of the race!

    • I hate when cute clothes let you down. What do you like to run marathons in? I am about to start training for my first one.

  2. A very good tip I received when taking my first run clinic, was to always test drive clothes and any sports nutrition (especially) prior to race day. I was lucky as I heard some stories from fellow runners like yourself. As for chafing, Body Glide is my friend for any long distance. Just in case! Happy Running.

    • I love Body Glide too. I’ve never had issues with the straps of my sports bras so looks like a have a new spot to apply 🙂

  3. Your cast picture made me cry!
    I started running (in 30 sec increments) in February. I “officially” started marathon/half marathon training on Sunday after a week off regular running to give my SORE foot a break-
    After a brisk 3 mile run on Tuesday (day 3 of training) I couldn’t walk….ER doc says stress fractures and I’ve got a date with an ortho tomorrow 😦
    I am all kinds of sad!

  4. So far I have not had any wardrobe malfunctions. I did have a snaffu wth my heart rate monitor strap. Needless to say it took about a week to recover from that one and I have not worn it since. 🙂

  5. I always test drive. I think you only make that mistake once. I wore a different sports bra once and had no idea I had a similar type blister on the front between my two tatas. As soon as the shower hit it and the salt from my sweat ran down I was literally howling in the shower. I was at my aunt’s house and she said the dog was frantic that I sounded so bad. Now I test, retest and wear the best 🙂

    • haha. How do you manage that raw spot? I always get it below, but never in the middle. The shoulder one was a new place, but it left a scar. Running clothes are dangerous.

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