11 years ago, but never forgotten

I can’t believe it has been 11 years. I remember that day like it was yesterday. I was in 7th grade. Social Studies to be specific. 11 years later, watching documentaries, news from that morning, hearing stories, seeing the troops deploy – it still dwells up emotions. Ones that are still so deep. I’m not exactly sure why that day has the effect on me that it does.  As I get older, my view of that day  and the events that followed evolves. When I was younger, I was scared. When we went to war, I was worried for my high school boyfriend and family of friends who deployed. When I met my future husband, the reality of war and that I was now in love with a military man became real. Now that I am married, watching women speak of their late husbands who never met their children hits home. I do not know anyone who died September 11, but the events of that day of forever shaped the world I now live in.

I feel very bless to currently live in New York and have the opportunity to visit the World Trade Center Memorial. My husband and I went on Memorial Day earlier this year and it was something I will never forget. Walking the streets that were once in pure chaos was one of the most touching parts of the experience for me. I could envision people running and the plume of smoke. Walking those streets were harder for me than walking around the actual memorial.


The memorial itself is very peaceful, clean and simple. The exact opposite of what sat there 11 years ago.  The sound of water overrides the bustle of the city streets. Everyone is quiet for the most part. It is one place on this Earth where everyone is respectful. Everyone felt the hurt from that day. Some more than others. This morning, news went on as normal. There was mention of the events and what memorials are taking place today. This morning served as a reminder that we are and will continue moving on, but I hope we never forget September 11, 2001.

4 thoughts on “11 years ago, but never forgotten

  1. I hope I can visit the memorial sometime soon. The last time I visited the site, it was still under construction. But I’ve read stories of people saying they were at Church and Vesey streets when the towers collapsed, and it haunts me to think I was there getting off the subway a year ago and that had happened there 10 years prior.

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