First day of school

Monday, Boomer lived it up in true summer style because yesterday was the first day of puppy school. We enrolled him at Petsmart because their prices were the most reasonable and we are only looking for basic obedience. Like, don’t drag mom down the sidewalk when you see a butterfly in the distance. I am hoping forcing Boomer to be my running partner in the future. I can’t believe how fast he is growing up. It seems like yesterday he tricked us into picking him. I can’t believe I am this sad about my dog growing up. Just imagine what kind of mess I will turn into when I have a human baby.

When did he go from this cutie…

…to this stud?
Unfortunately for Boomer, I discovered the self timer setting on my camera so I no longer have to beg the hubby to take a picture of me. Of course, I had to document his first day of school. Boomer was really nervous about going to school and if the other doggies were going to like him.

Just kidding. He saw the bacon treats and promptly followed them into the car.
I was very happy when I arrived and found out that there is only one other dog in the class. We are getting a lot of attention for the price of a group setting class. Boomer did great in school. Mom needs more practice. All he has to do is sit, but I have to remember the sit hand motion, to say “sit”, click the clicker the second his butt hits the ground, tell him “take it” and then give him the treat. I messed up more than he did. Oh, and then the trainer told us we were neighbors. I’m sure he dies a little inside every time he sees our out-of-control walks. Maybe he was watching the other day when I dropped Boom Boom’s leash and had to take off after him. How did puppy school suddenly become so embarrassing for the humans?

Did you put your dogs through obedience training?


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