You know you are a runner when…

Inspired by a Running Wild(er) post about list of “Runner Problems” (which totally cracked me up), I decided to create my own list of “you know you’re a runner when…”:

  • I already have three light blue long sleeve running shirts, but this one has a zipper on the arm that will be super helpful.
  • Having a roller by the bed is standard practice. The hubby doesn’t question the statement “can you roll me?”
  • 90% of your running bottoms are black so you don’t have to worry about matching. Just grab a shirt and go.
  • Hopefully that is sweat and not pee. I think it was just a little pee.
  • The second you cross the finish line, your mind is already on the next race.
  • You have different sports bras and socks for different types of workouts.
  • Sparkly skirts, tutu’s and glitter headbands are perfectly acceptable race attire at any age.

What would you add to the list?


2 thoughts on “You know you are a runner when…

  1. Love this post! I would add having a favorite flavor of Gu, Shok Bloks, etc and stressing when you are out of your fave. Also, when you can call a 13-mile run “short.”

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