Growing up, my family would travel the country to ride roller coasters. Going to different amusement parks were summer family vacations. It’s true. We drove 14ish hours to Ohio one twice for roller coasters. We would probably still be doing it if it weren’t for pesky back problems that plagued me in high school. So then, we had to start going to Hawaii. Bummer.

I would say that my husband and I would have a similar tradition, but with him being in the military, vacations don’t really exist. In fact, schedules don’t really exist. Since I don’t like to run races alone, my mom usually tags along. In fact, she is flew here from Georgia for my race this past weekend. Looks like me and my mom have lots of  runcations in our future since I am going to continue racing and my husband will continue going on unpredictable swims in the ocean.

Here are a few of my dream runactions:

  • Disney’s Princess Half Marathon
    Running with princesses while dressed up likea princess. I.AM.150%.IN! My mom and I were all but registered when my boyfriend proposed so this (expensive) race was put on hold.

  • Hood To Coast Relay
    This is the largest relay in the world with about 1,050 teams of 8-12 runners covering 199 miles. Talk about an accomplishment.
  • Marine Corps Marathon
    This race is near and dear to my heart due to my husband’s profession and is a race that I WILL complete in my lifetime. I should have trained to do it this year, but it sold out before I was ready to commit. Not only are you running through the Capital, but you are running amongst heroes. Yes, please.

In my quest to run a marathon next year, I have already picked out different races in 4 different states. Oh, the uncertainty of military life. Here is the line up:
Seattle Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon – June 22
San Diego Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon – June 3
Virginia Beach Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon – September 1
26.2 with Donna (Jacksonville Beach) – February 17

Does anyone know how the racing scene is in Seattle, San Diego, Virginia Beach or Jacksonville? 

What are yours dream runcations? Any big races on the horizon? 


8 thoughts on “Runcations

  1. I’m trying to get myself up to running. I started to do my own couch to 5K training. Found the markings on the road. Run…walk…run…walk. I’m hoping to get up to where you are because I’d love to do a runcation.

    I’m over in Jacksonville. Not sure how the runs are here but a close friend has been entering a few.

  2. I did the Rock n Roll Half in Va in September 2011. I really enjoyed the race. It was my first, and I am glad it was. We did run over a bridge twice, so I would recommend running hills a couple of times if the route has not changed. It was very hot. I would recommend doing a few runs around the time of the race to get a real sense of how your body will respond to that temperature. I did all my runs early in the morning and was not prepared for the 10 am heat. Just for reference, I lived in Eastern NC when I was training.

    • Great advice! I am happy to hear you liked it. I’ve heard bad things about things about the RNR Savannah, but the other locations always get rave reviews.

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