NYC and Trader Joe’s in one week. Best week ever!

For the last few months, my life has been pretty low-key. As in, I don’t have a real job and I can workout and cook basically whenever I want. When I signed up for the Saratoga Palio, I wasn’t sure what my husband’s schedule would look like. My mom looks for any excuse to see me, so I knew she would be down for a trip to NY. In the one week that mom was here, I did more than I have the entire time I’ve been in NY. And now I am ready for a nap.

Day trip to New York City – the coolest place in the world. This was my third trip to the city and I am still amazed every time I go. We took my mom to the World Trade Center Memorial since she hadn’t seen it.

Then we did some more touristy stuff – M&M store, Times Square, 5th Ave [window] shopping…

And we saw the Occupy Wall Street protesters. They were… interesting?

Fact – my husband has looked up an average apartment cost in Manhattan. If he said he found one, I would start packing right this second.

Ran a race

Tried new restaurants. A few weeks ago, Druthers opened in downtown Saratoga Springs, but we hadn’t tried it yet. At the packet pickup for the race, I was told that Druthers was giving a free beer to each participant. No better time to try a new place than when they are giving out free beer. I ordered the sweet potato and black bean tacos. I had never had them, but I like sweet potatoes and black beans so it sounded like a win. I also ordered a house brew beer since it was free. Which was a good thing. I’m not much of a “fancy homemade” beer fan and this beer was a little to high brow for me. Give me a Bud Light (with Lime if you are feeling extra nice) and I’m all set. I ended up drinking my beer though because despite the good looks, the food was lackluster.

We also tried a cupcake place downtown. I got a lavender cream cheese cupcake. It tasted as interesting as it sounds.

Of course, what would any girl’s weekend be without shopping? I wish my husband was rich because I could have spent some money. We did get some awesome deals on our very short shopping trip (my husband is rolling his eyes).

Shopping at the mall… and outlets…

…shopping at the thrift store…

These items will be revealed later, because I am embarrassed to show you right now.

…shopping at Trader Joe’s = heaven on Earth. I brought home Chia seeds, hummus and pumpkin granola.

Now it’s back to reality, but at least I have this character to keep me laughing.


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