Yogi… Bear?


Yesterday I did yoga for the first time. I am attempting to incorporate more resistance training into my workout routine and yoga seemed popular among other runners. I decided to attend a low-key class at our apartment complex first so I wouldn’t accidentally stumble into some crazy yoga class.


I may be young, but I don’t think my body will ever be able to do this. Ever.

The class was very, very basic. Like doing tree pose which means standing there with your eyes closed and trying to balance your weight evenly on your feet. Snooze. At the end we were laying on our mats “relaxing” (read: Ashleigh planning breakfast, my agenda for the day, wondering how much longer we are going to just lay there) when the instructor came up to me. He grabbed my feet and pulled on them slightly, which made my hips and back stretch out. It was awesome. Then, he started touching my face. Um, hello. You just touched my feet that were just in my nasty Toms. He moved down the row of participants repeating the process. Thank goodness I was first so I didn’t have stranger’s feet funk on my face.

I will attend another class, but I am pretty sure I will not become a “Yogi”.


PS (puppy school) Week #2 was a success and Boomer is right on track with the training plan. Prior to class, the hubby and I went out to dinner with friends. Wine was consumed and mom might have been feeling the wine  during class. Sorry that our Tuesday night felt like a Friday night due to my husband’s work schedule. Anyways, “sit” and “watch me” are child’s play. We are now on to bigger and better things – like walking on a leash without being the “leader” and learning to untangle ourselves from the leash without help when we accidentally get hogtied. Mom and dad are under strict orders to change directions every time Boom Boom pulls on the leash. Today we walked up and down the driveway for 10 minutes. It was not embarrassing in the least. Boomer, however, has his eyes on a much bigger prize:

Yes, that is a Navy SEALs dog skydiving. However, for now, “sit” and “watch me” are pretty grueling.


Tonight the hubby and I felt like dining at a really classy establishment so we headed down to the Taco Bell. Since he was going straight to work (at 7:30pm like normal people) he had on his uniform. As we were waiting for our food, a man came up to him, shook his hand, thanked him for his service and passed him some money to pay for our food. How nice was that? Turns out there are still nice people in the world.




4 thoughts on “Yogi… Bear?

  1. When your husband was no older than 10, I also took hom to Taco Bell. As we pulled up to the drive through, he sais to me, I hope you are rich as I can eat a lot!

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