Remember that time I stalked the Ragnar runners?

Oh yea, that was today. I knew the Ragnar race was in the area because a member of my running group was looking to fill a spot on his team. I didn’t jump on it because I couldn’t shell out that kind of money right now and I want to wait to do the race with girls. Maybe even girls I know. Anyways, I didn’t give it much thought after that Facebook shout out  This morning when the hubby came home from work he mentioned seeing decorated vans. That’s when it clicked. Today was the Ragnar Relay race and I was super, super jealous.

The only thing keeping me from pouting in the corner was the weather… 
+ rain. This weather does not make a Southern girl happy.

Turns out, the start line was .3 miles from my desk at work so I got to watch runners all day. Stalker status.

Did I mention I have not run in TWO WEEKS!!! Instantly sad and I’ve made a pack with myself that I WILL run a relay one day.

So… if you live near a circled city, let me know. These are my options based on where I might call home next year.

I’ve found myself seriously slacking off since my last half marathon. I haven’t run at all since the last race due to IT band issues/laziness. When there isn’t a race to train for, I find my motivation to be virtually nonexistent. I haven’t followed a training plan for my last two half marathons, but I did for my first one. I do, however, have a general guideline and always make sure to do one long run per week with increasing distance.  Since I have nothing to get my butt moving, I got super anxious and make a workout plan for October. This, my friends, is what OCD looks like:

My goal is to mix in running with more cross training. Especially yoga and track workouts to improve speed.

I’ve been toying around with two goals for 2013. I’ve thought about increasing my racing and going for 12 races next year. I only did 5 this year (a 5k, a 4-mile, a 10k and 2 half’s) so this will be a big jump. I would do races of different lengths, but without a doubt do a few half’s and a marathon (or two). OR I could go for speed work. Qualifying for the New York City Marathon would be a dream.

What do you prefer- distance or speed?
What are your goals for 2013?

6 thoughts on “Remember that time I stalked the Ragnar runners?

  1. I would not have gotten any work done at all with the race right out side my window. Even with the bad weather. 🙂

    Right now my only goal is the Disney 1/2 in Jan. I will probably be back in the states at least one more time next year, if I still have this job. So I will try to work around another 10K. Maybe they will have a couple more runs here during the summer. I will run then too. Mine will all purely be opportunity runs. If I get the opportunity I will run. That means I will have to constantly be training. Which is good for me. I need to move as much as possible. 🙂

    Oh I would prefer distance right now. I think I am too old to worry about speed.

  2. Loving the visual laid out in a calendar … it’s so helpful. I would say that I prefer distance to speed, but know that i need to work on speed. I’m running my first marathon in a month, so I haven’t even thought about 2013 yet. Would love to do another marathon, or maybe a relay in 2013. By the way, NYC is a lottery – you don’t have to qualify. They also have charity entries. My husband ran twice ~ even as a spectator, it is an amazing race. Best of luck!

    • I want to do one more race this year but we aren’t sure exactly when we are moving so I don’t want to waste the money. Best of luck with your marathon!

      Thanks for the heads up about the NYC marathon. I was thinking Boston but I am not even in the ball park to qualify for that. We live a couple hours from the NYC so my plan is to beg my husband to go watch.

  3. It is only me again. I will stick with my trusty tread mill. 42pounds down 6 to go. You just let your hubby know I have not seen a sub either and I would like to know when he became so familiar before the navy. All the aunts are watching last resort also.

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