It’s raining, it’s pouring…


AGAIN. When we first moved to New York it rained for like three weeks straight. And it was cold. After a nice summer full of unusually hot weather (please, we only hit the high 90’s a few times people), we are back to cold and rain. Maybe Mother Nature is dropping hints and making the weather a lot like Seattle, WA. Maybe if I keep talking about finding out where we are moving the Navy will get annoyed and finally tell me.

Speaking of the Navy, the hubby and I started watching Last Resort. Not because we think it is going to be an awesome show or anything. The hubby wants to see how accurate it is and I want to know as much about subs as possible before deployments start. However, the more movies/tv shows I see about subs, the more glamorous his job looks. I mean really, they throw a “party” when they cross the equator. I told my husband I couldn’t wait to see one in person and maybe even go on a Tiger cruise with him*. His response: “You’ve never seen a sub?” Apparently I am a total loser for never having seen one. I must have missed it last time it was parked at the gas station on base.

* I just did some quick research on Tiger cruises. Wives are not allowed, only immediate family members and “friends”. So my hubby can bring his best friend on the ship, but not the woman who sits at home waiting for him? 

This morning I went to round #2 of yoga. This time it was with a different teacher who I could confirm was not high. Before class started, we were talking about running and areas of the body that it puts stress on. She gave me lots of tips and said yoga should help with tight legs. This class was more of “flow”, which I like a lot better. It’s hard to explain, but when you are moving from one move to another, I like the way it feels. I can feel my butt working when I lift my leg, my abs working to move it back into downward dog, then I can feel my arms engage as I move to plank. Oh no, am I becoming a Yogi? I think I just liked feeling my body work vs. laying in a puddle “melting into the ground” as the teacher touched my feet like the last class. I finished up with 15 minutes on the bike while reading Coastal Living.

After class, I knew I needed to go to the grocery store, but instead tried to impress Millie with how many Frosted Flakes I could eat in one sitting. <— this is why I don’t buy “kid” cereal. I can’t stop eating it. Well, actually, I don’t want to waste milk. I am being responsible by refilling my bowl until I use all of the milk.

Once I was full the box of cereal was gone, I headed to the grocery store and filled my cart with all kinds of goodies. It wasn’t until I hit the checkout line that I realized how full my cart was. Instant dread.

The hubby (and Millie) will be up in 30 minutes to join Boomer and me on the couch for football and chili. Happy Saturday!





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