Since the hubby is still on the never-going-to-end night shift, we eat at really weird times. The chili I made for dinner was consumed at approximately 4:15pm. The good news is, when you eat dinner at 4:15pm, there is plenty of time for dessert. After telling my husband how lucky he was to have a wife to cook homemade chili on a cold, rainy day for him, I hinted that her obvious award was a trip to Plum Dandy for frozen yogurt. (PS: Saratogians – it’s 50% off with military ID)

On the way to get froyo, we decided it was mature fun to only talk in fro-yo talk. For example:

Me: “Can we get froyo?”
Hubby: “I reckon.” (I also think we try to talk as southern as possible since we moved up north)
Me: “froYEAH!”
Hubby: “oh no”
Me: “Didn’t you mean, froNO?”

We also came up with “Fro-sure” and “Fro-shizzle”.

Chocolate froyo + strawberries + kiwi + chocolate syrup + flax seed (to be healthy obviously) = Froyo done right in my book.

How do you like your froyo? 
Do you have any fun games with your significant other? 



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