October – when did you get here?

Seriously, this year is flying. The older I get, I feel like this is a reoccurring theme in life. Time starts going faster and faster and at the end of the day I am left thinking – did I get anything productive done today?

I’ve decided to start making goals for each month and reviewing the progress at the month’s end. Goals have always been important to me and I feel like I have started forgetting that I am actually getting stuff done. AKA: I think I am losing it.

For example: For the past few days, I’ve been on a quest to find one more race to do before we move. My IT Band has been seriously acting up, by hitting my goal of 5 races this year was more important. (Runner priorities at its finest) It wasn’t until I was trying to explain to my hubby why I liked racing so much that it hit me. I did do 5 races this year… and set several PR’s.

  • Daniel Island 5k (which I set a new PR 21:49) back in March.
  • Cooper River Bridge Run 10k with my best friend, Shelley, in April.
  • Firecracker 4 in July. (PR I guess because I’ve never done a 4 mile race)
  • Camp Chingachgook Half in August
  • Saratoga Palio Half in September (also a PR 1:48)

So my pity party was completely unnecessary… and I realized that I need to start keeping better track of my goals.

:: Ashleigh’s October Goals ::

  • Run 40 miles
  • Complete 3 different types of group exercise classes
  • Get organized for the move (put together binder, have packing game plan, research housing and jobs)
  • Have book 1 (of 2) complete for my group exercise instructor exam
  • Take my CPR certification class

Boomer’s goal is to graduate from puppy school top of his class. I don’t have the heart to tell him there is only one other person in his class and she is a much better LLW (puppy school code for loose leash walking).

The hubby takes his comprehensive exam in a few weeks, so I will set a goal for him too. PASS THAT $%&# TEST so we can move to the next phase of Navy life!

And I guess Millie needs a goal too since the rest of the family does. Millie would like to remain the princess of the house and figure out a better game plan to protect her food from Boomer.

Princess Millie and her daddy.

Do you set monthly goals? What are your goals for October? 


4 thoughts on “October – when did you get here?

  1. You have been doing awesome with 5 races under your belt. 🙂 I agree with you the year is flying by. That is why we have to make the most of time while we have. I certainly is not going to wait for us.

  2. I picked October to set goals for the first time too. It’s about more running, more reading, having more fun, and relationship building.

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