Sleeping Beauty


After days and days of rain, we took advantage of the clear sky and went on a hike. This time we decided to hike Sleeping Beauty Mountain, which is part of the Lake George/Adirondack region. I was a bit skeptical at first, but the trail ended up being awesome. Why was I skeptical, you ask? Well, the start of the trail was marked with this custom “stop” sign:

Then the trail turned into tip-toeing on rocks.
Then walking across and along a stream.
Then roots.
And loads of slippery leaves.
But to say it wasn’t worth it would be a lie.
Also at the top, we found a praying mantis and a caterpillar… it didn’t end well.
On the way down, we were able to enjoy the beauty of nature.
And then it was time to head home.

Oh, and we did find sleeping beauty:

Thank you sweet, sweet husband.




7 thoughts on “Sleeping Beauty

    • It was awesome. I was worried we were going to miss “peak season” because we just don’t get colors like that in the south.

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