Where in the world will Ashleigh and her hubby go?

I really hope you read the title to the tune of “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego” because I’ve been singing this (in my head) for weeks. It works a lot better with my hubby’s actually name, but that’s a secret!

So, the lieu of recent news, I thought I would give you a little family history. We are a family on the move and have picked up some characters along the way. All events in this map have occurred since 2011.

So where to next?

I can only hope it looks this beautiful when we arrive in…


I am all about signs. We were sitting in Five Guys eating dinner when I noticed that the potatoes of the day were from Washington (according to the sign). I pointed it out to my hubby and he called me a loser. Then we got the call. Who is the loser now??? Then I noticed more signs on the wall:
The hubby got the USS Connecticut out of Washington. 

I think the Navy is playing 4 corners… We have called the Deep South, New England and now Washington (because I don’t know what the lingo is) home. Are the stars aligning for San Diego in our future??? 

The hubby will report to the USS Connecticut at the end of the year! This ship is a fast attack, which means we will not see much of each other, but we both agreed this is best for our sans-kids life right now. Plus, he gets to do cool things like go to the North Pole.

In April 2003, Connecticut surfaced through the Arctic ice at the University of Washington’s Applied Physics Laboratory Ice Station (APLIS). While there, she came under attack by a polar bear, which gnawed on her rudder for a while before disengaging. Source. 

I can already think of so many good stories to tell our future children.

In case you lost count… This brings our moving total for 2012 to:

Charleston, SC to Saratoga Springs, NY = 932 miles
Saratoga Springs, NY to Bremerton, Washington = 2, 922 miles
Grand total = 3, 854 miles. Good thing the Navy pays for gas, right?

We will be 1 hour from Seattle (by ferry. How exciting!).
3 hours from Portland, Oregon.
30 minutes from Tacoma, WA

No Chick-fil-A or Zaxby’s, but they do have Which Wich.
There is a Target, so I will be a-okay (and continue to spend money on things I don’t need)

What other big cities/destinations/restaurants are out there? I’ve only been to the west coast once.

So, if you read my last melt down related to military life…we still don’t know the when or how, but at least we know where!

Further reading:
Kitsap County Website
Bremerton, Washington
USS Connecticut (SSN – 22) 


9 thoughts on “Where in the world will Ashleigh and her hubby go?

  1. I’m so excited for you both! Expect wet & cold days there, those never really go away. Hopefully there will be some snow, past few years, it hasn’t really lingered. I hope you enjoy it there!

      • I’ll bet they are! And I guess the rain isn’t too bad. Plus she’s always uploading the most gorgeous photos of the mountains.

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