Puppy School Rebel

Tuesday night was my first night alone with Boomer at puppy school.

For starters, the second he saw his girlfriend (the other puppy in the class) he peed on the floor. I wish the hubby peed himself too when he saw me 🙂 Boomer has always listened to his dad more than me so we practiced all day long. We even ran through the tricks (watch me, sit, down and leave it) before class started and he did fine. Then it was his time to shine during the puppy quiz… and he froze. He wouldn’t lay down, but eventually gave up and belly flopped. “Sit” and “watch me” went fine. When it was our turn to do “leave it”, I put the treat on the ground and said “leave it”. Boomer pounced on that treat like it was a million dollars. Of course, at home I can throw a bacon treat on the floor and he doesn’t go for it until his is told it’s okay. I think it was a plot to make mom look bad. Thanks Boom Boom.

The rest of the class went fine. We learned “stay” and “come”. We have to perform a 20 second stay next week…we are currently at 5 seconds. We’ve got some ground to make up.

That’s okay though. Mom gets the last laugh. Boom Boom only has a few more weeks with his boy parts left.

The hubby didn’t want to get him neutered because he is a pure breed Brittany. Apparently that is a big deal? After looking at housing in Washington, it looks like most landlords/apartment complexes require the dogs to be fixed. We decided to just go ahead and do it now since we like his vet… and I was always on “team neuter”.



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