Our Home Part Two

Considering we are moving in a few weeks, I thought now would be a good time to do Part 2 of “Our Home”.

You can see Part 1 here: Click me!

Living Room

These curtains are probably my favorite thing in the entire apartment. The color is perfection. 

My mom and I saw this at Ikea so we bought the different parts and made one.


Our first apartment had two bathrooms. I liked the guest bathroom better, but we didn’t have a shower curtain (our master needed a curtain, but our guest shower had a glass door. Weird, right?). I’m probably going to use the “guest bathroom” stuff in our next place… unless we have two bathrooms again. Say a quick prayer that we do! 

The shells are from different trips to the beach while we lived in Charleston, SC. 

Master Bedroom

Or in our case… the [only] bedroom. As far as decor, this is not my favorite room. I bought all of this stuff when the hubby and I first started living together, so I was worried about keeping the “girly” stuff out. Now, we’ve been together long enough that I just do what I want 🙂  Our furniture is brand new and I love it! 

I like to display my medals… I worked hard for them! 

The jar with sand is from our wedding. Our parents poured in the white sand, mine is the ivory and the hubby’s is the brown. The idea is that our family comes from different places and you can see the difference, but they can never be separated. 

The thing holding the arrangement is actually a wine bottle holder. My mom thought of the idea and then I took the top off. I took the pictures in college (Columbia, SC). The bird was like $0.10 from World Market. 

So that’s all folks. Our little New York home. Check back in a few months and I will have a whole new home! I’ve already bought stuff to re-do our master 🙂


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