5 random things

It’s been a while since I last posted something. In all honesty, not much has gone on around here. Still waiting on paper orders before we start making moves. Everything with the military is hurry up and wait. Well, I am going to change it to wait and hurry up. Wait and wait and wait and wait on orders. Get verbal orders and wait and wait for paper orders so we can hurry up and move our family cross country in about a month. I called a rental agent in Washington and was told the market has high turnover. Anything available now will be gone by December. So, once again I am waiting a few more weeks before I start seriously looking for a place to live.

In other news – I am still fighting with my IT Band so running has been few and far between. I’m starting to get into Yoga, but only basic classes. I went to a class yesterday where the teacher asked us to do a standing split (it looks just like the picture in your head) and that’s when I started looking for the emergency exit. Fused spine and runner’s tight legs make some Yoga moves hurt worse than mile 12. Boomer’s baby teeth are falling out  like crazy and Millie is still a doggie diva. The hubby passed his exam and we are in the last stretch of shift work. Woo hoo!!!

Here are some pictures I’ve snapped over the past few days that are not interesting enough for their own posts.

1. Does anyone else have this problem? It really makes me mad when the reflective stuff on my workout gear does this. Instead of being a flashing light to cars, it is a flashing light to “pick me off!”. I literally had the entire strip off (on both sides) before I made it to the gym.
2. We had our first frost over the weekend. Friday and Saturday morning, it was down into the 20’s and I almost froze. I’m trying to teach Millie and Boomer to walk themselves and then pick up their poop so I can stay inside. 

3. Would you eat this carrot? I noticed it when I was making no measure italian chicken and secretly hoped it would end up on the hubby’s plate. Guess which plate it ended up on? I think it looks like a body and legs.

4. Nothing like pink toe socks paired with pink shoes. I honestly don’t even like pink that much. Teal blue is probably my favorite color, but I’m not even sure I have a favorite color. Don’t mind my pasty white legs. I had a tan, but it flew South for the winter. Smart tan.

5. The hubby wanted to buy this hat, but I told him no. We are not hunters or robbers, so the hat had to stay behind.
That’s all I got folks. The hubby has a four day weekend coming up so I’m sure we will do something fun to blog about.


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